Past Projects  

Internship Programs

Qualified students can join our program and expeditions. Young, interested team members enhance any project.  The cost of our trips are supported by our volunteers, therefore the fee cannot be waived.  However, our student director and our core team members are happy to help any interested students develop and implement a fund raising strategy.

International Interactive Educational Programs



By setting up partnership schools, the Imaging Foundation can immerse kids in a long distance learning experience.  This program simultaneously teaches marine biology, geography, and international studies.  The excitement of the actual expedition serves as a launch-pad; kids feel that they are part of the experience and this involvement translates into greater interest and success in all their school endeavors. 

Future programs will target remote schools and foster relationships between them and United States students.  Our pilot project in Grand Cayman proved that this learning tool captures the attention of participating student, furthermore, students are given the opportunity to envision future careers options that require a high school education.

Visit our Cayman Expedition page to see an example of this program.

Educational Websites

The Internet plays a key role in sharing information and educating students of all ages. Imaging Foundation created the only website focused on the pacific humpback whale.  The pages of this site describes the biology of these whales, the economic strength of whaling tourism vs. the waste of rampant whale harvesting, in addition, a kids' section also makes learning "whale basics" fun.

Tonga Website

Image and Video Database

Students and teachers can tap into our image/video database and incorporate them into school projects, and videos.  While current copyright law allows "fair usage" i.e. the use of any image or copyrighted material for limited use within the parameters of a classroom, the Imaging Foundation encourages students to use these images while continuing to enhance the current database.

Searchable Database

Special Projects


Imaging Foundation is occasionally asked to produce special projects which coincide with the mission of the organization.  On a recent trip to Cocos Island we utilized team skills to create a visual log of the effect of season and temperature on Island marine fauna

Cocos Island Marine Status

Imaging Foundation Website

Each expedition log provides anecdotal information about our expeditions.  While not created as teaching tools, these daily accounts discuss the flora and fauna encountered at each location as well as local culture and reflections.

Past Expeditions


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