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Get Ready to Help Save Our Oceans!

We are a dedicated group of volunteers who know that if we roll up our sleeves and get busy, we can make a difference! We are always looking for new energy, ideas and input.
That is where you come in.

We are currently working closely with our IF partners in Costa Rica to try to stop the barbaric practice of shark finning. Poachers hack off the fins of the still living animals and toss the sharks back into the ocean, where they lie on the bottom and slowly die.We are launching several additional projects that will help us protect our oceans! We are positioned to be heard and to call for change. Help us make a difference!

To get started we want to get the word out about the Imaging Foundation. The following steps would really help us out a lot:
1) Add us to your top friends.
2) Send a message out to all of your friends telling them to join us and about the opportunity to volunteer for us.
3) Pledge to message your friends list about IF and your involvement and be sure to share with them the opportunity to get involved themselves.
4) If you already belong to other social communities such as Facebook, Hi5 or YouTube join us! Become our friend and follow the steps previously stated.

We are all working hard to protect and educate others about the challenges facing our oceans. Having you onboard is so cool; it means that our efforts are that much stronger. Thank you so much for caring and being part of the IF team.

I look forward to receiving more information about you, and you will hear from us soon about additional ways you can participate in our leadership.
Change can happen, but not without you.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Imaging Foundation please contact us by e-mail at or call us directly at 310 458 0210


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